On a grey dismal day, wandering around downtown amidst crumbling red bricked buildings, my voice travailed again.  But instead of the usual, “What do you want me to do God?” question with its repeated reply of “Nothing,” my lips uttered in sheer brokenness, “What do you want from me God?!”

He spoke, “Beautify the World, Create and Love.” Great! My shoulders slumped, a riddle. Gee God, you do have a sense of humor…

So I’m here now to solve the mystery of what this looks like for my life. Join me along with my magnifying glass carrying sidekick dog Moses in ‘Life Unhinged’ as I journal through my own burning bush and arid desert wanderings.


Beautify the World, Create and Love – Hmm!

So I started with the crumbling brick wall.

I patched up the red debris and cast off the grey;

Added a splash of deep rich purple, a hint of fresh green.

Then flipped on the light for shadows to cast.

There… that’s better!

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